What is the purpose of increasing one's Gospel Footprint?

  • To give every man, woman and child the chance to encounter the gospel.

Is it a program or strategy?

  • Think of it more as a concept and initiative rooted in the Great Commandment (love God, love others as yourself) and the Great Commission (go and make disciples). Simply stated, by increasing our Gospel Footprint we increase our influence and sustainable impact for Christ in our own communities, cities, nation, and world.

Who does it impact?


  • Each Christian has their own circle of accountability where they live, as does each church in their own community and multiple churches within their own regions. There is no community too small nor any region too large in our efforts to increase our Gospel Footprint and reach every man, woman and child with the gospel.

How does it work?

  • The organic work of disciples multiplying themselves. A healthy leader, and eventually a healthy church, substantially redirects significant resources and energy, under their influence, to proven and effective multiplication efforts. More disciples mean greater access to areas untouched by the gospel in each community.

How do we increase our "Gospel Footprint?"

  • 1. Look up (God's story)
    • The mission begins with God as it has always. In His grand purpose we are given His Word and the primary work of prayer so that we can stay aligned with His will and resting in His presence.
  • 2. Look in (My story)
    • It is important to know how God has purposed us with strengths, talents, and spiritual gifting. As we discover who we are as individuals, we also discover who we are as a people--that we may effectively love God and love others.
  • 3. Look out (Community story)
    • Every place has a culture and identity. By studying and learning where we are, we can be more strategic in increasing our Gospel Footprint in our own communities by interacting within our circles of accountability.

Who is involved?

  • Everyone...think of it as a "me/you/us" coalition. However, the heart of this movement really begins with the leadership. The Alliance Southeast's desire is to be a network of Christ-centered families with the focus of developing healthy leaders for missional, multiplying churches. This will involve partnership between leaders and churches, coaching and sharing of resources, collaboration of ideas, and admonishment from multiplication associates across the district.

What are the benefits?

  • A common goal that is specific to our region and The Alliance family. By connecting to a common purpose, there is better clarity, participation, collaboration, and focused resources.

How do we measure its results?

  • While there are metrics that help show effectiveness, such as the number of baptisms, church growth/multiplication, etc., the ultimate goal is to leave a sustainable impact in each community where the gospel's truth cannot be ignored. We are confident that as our own Gospel Footprint increases that God will build His kingdom as He, Himself, causes the increase of gospel seeds sown.

How can I engage?

  • Begin first by engaging in God's story through earnest prayer and scripture. Let God show you how He has designed and purposed you--and where He has placed you! Learn the story of the community of saints with whom you fellowship and serve. Together, listen to the needs that are within your specific neighborhoods and start showing Christ's love.

  • Next, involve yourself in the "conversation." Our online presence of gospelfootprint.net provides insights both theological and practical that will hopefully spur us all onto good works and increasing our Gospel Footprint. By raising awareness of how God is on the move within our cities, we can stay sharpened, prepared, and inspired to continue our missional efforts of multiplying healthy disciples and churches.

  • Attend one or more of our many conferences and workshops designed to give practical training of how to build missional DNA into your personal, church, and global domains.

  • Finally, talk to a nearby multiplication associate who will pray with/for you and who can network you with others on this same journey and desire.